Direct Air Capture in Norway

We develop direct air capture (DAC) plant in Norway to capture up to 0.5 million tons of CO2 per year for permanent storage in offshore saline aquifers, with a swift expansion to 1.0 million tons. Our ambition is the scaling of DAC to become the leading negative emissions technology globally, which will enable the world to meet its 1.5 degree target, and to set an even more ambitious target.

Image by Mercator Research Institute, IPCC

Negative emissions

Negative emissions or "carbon removals" are solutions that take CO2 out of the atmosphere and store the CO2 permanently in the geosphere or the biosphere, no longer causing climate change. Negative emissions are critical to meeting our common climate goals. 
Several billion tons annually of negative emissions are required by mid-centure in most pathways considered by the IPCC to meet the 1.5 degree target.
DAC is a highly attractive negative emissions technology as it is scalable and with little negative environmental impact.


Founded in 2009, Carbon Engineering (CE) is a Canadian-based clean energy company. CE is focused on the global deployment of megaton-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO₂) out of the atmosphere so it can be permanently stored deep underground or used to produce clean, affordable transportation fuels. From a pilot plant in British Columbia, CE has been capturing CO₂ from the atmosphere since 2015. Today, with its partners, CE is working to deploy large-scale, commercial facilities in multiple markets around the globe.

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The industrial area at the Energy Park in Øygarden is very attractive as a Direct Air Capture plant location. At site, the Northern Lights JV is constructing its CO2 terminal with a capacity of 1.5 million tons of CO2 per year as a first phase. The terminal will receive CO2 by ship and/or locally, and transport offshore by pipeline for permanent storage in a saline acquifer. The site also offers a well established infrastructure of utilities, services and suppliers. The profile of the Energy Park with its green focus is also very compatible with our activity. The profile of the Energy Park with its green focus is also very compatible with our activity.

Carbon removal credits

Nordic DAC Group ( offers high-quality permanent carbon removal certificates, removing unavoidable, hard-to-reduce, and historical CO2 emissions. The service contains advance purchases of DAC credits and participation in DAC projects, accelerating companies' race toward net-zero and beyond.

Appeal to the young

CO2 in the atmosphere is heating up our planet, causing climate crisis. Carbon Removal specializes in a machine called Direct Air Capture (DAC), which captures the carbon in the atmosphere and stores it underground, effectively removing it permanently from the atmosphere. 

You can help to make carbon removal a worldwide solution. You can educate your friends and family about carbon removal, be an activist, and most of all be a good example for sustainability.

It is your future, you have a different perspective than adults, you can easily collaborate with the rest of the world through social media and it is a great learning experience.

Written by a young family member of a founder

Eirik Lilledahl


Jens Naas-Bibow


Peter Magnusson

Nordic DAC Group, Chairman

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Nordic DAC Group, CEO