Appeal to the young

CO2 is causing our atmosphere to heat up and changing our climate. Consequences are extreme droughts, melting polar ice caps, violent storms, severe fires and maybe most importantly loss of biodiversity, slowly destroying our planet. While focusing on reducing the amount of CO2 emission, we also must acknowledge the fact that carbon removal will be necessary in the fight against climate change. It is the young who should be most alert, about the need for carbon removal on top of emissions reduction to stay within the 1,5C temperature rise, which IPCC sees as necessary to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. We specialise in Direct Air Capture (DAC), which is shortly explained a machine that captures the carbon in the air and stores it underground. The benefits from DAC is that DAC captures the carbon directly from the atmosphere. The machine is also really handy when it comes to compensating for hard to remove emissions.

Written by a youth family member of one of the founders

How the young can engage

Create conversations/educate friends and family:

Raise awareness in your school and your family. Write presentations about carbon removal and DAC, organize awareness campaigns as well as engaging conversation with carbon removal and DAC as topic. You could also talk about the needs of carbon removal and DAC under the dinner at home or at any event with lots of people.

Advocate for change/create consciousness:

You can voice your concerns about climate change by writing letters to politicians, join youth-led organizations and take action in climate demonstrations. Make posters and use your voice, to get the politicians attention.

Be a green example:

Promote waste reduction and recycling and stand as a green example to your fellow students and family. Using public transportation, supporting renewable energy and maybe most importantly reduce your carbon footprint by practicing energy conservation.

Why you should engage

Your future:

You should engage in carbon removal because the decisions and actions you engage in now, will set an important impact, which will later create a sustainable future for you and future generations.

Your voice is powerful:

You have a different perspective on the climate change then the adults and politicians. Therefore, your voices are powerful and can create a sense of urgency. The adults must understand that if they don’t listen to what the young have the say and implement it, then they will be risking the planets sustainability.

Global collaboration:

You can easily collaborate with the rest of the world, through social media. Carbon removal and DAC is global solution. We all must work together to make it work. Posting and sharing on social media about carbon removal with the world, will help when we must cooperate for a sustainable future.

Learning and improvement:

If you engage in climate change you will develop critical thinking and a lot of other abilities to make you an informed and responsible citizen. You will create important qualities in your regular life like teamwork and problem solving.

In conclusion

Your parents didn’t do a great job with our planet. Now it’s your responsibility, it’s your time to show everyone that your generation is the generation that saves our planet. They didn’t clean up after themselves, and now you must be the responsible ones, and clean up their mess. Be better than them.